F.U.N.D.S., INC.


F.U.N.D.S., INC was founded by Ms. Oveta Glover of Columbia S.C.  October 7, 1997, the State of South Carolina/Office of Secretary of State, Jim Miles, certified F.U.N.D.S., INC as a  nonprofit corporation duly organized under the laws of the state of South Carolina having a perpetual duration unless otherwise indicated, has as of the date hereof filed a Declaration and Petition for Incorporation of a nonprofit corporation for Religious, Educational, Social, Fraternal Charitable or other eleemosynary purpose. Jim Miles, Secretary of State, by virtue of the authority in him vested by Chapter 31, Title 33, Code of 1976 and Acts amendatory thereto, declared the organization to be a body politic and corporate, with all the rights, powers, privileges and immunities, and subject to all the limitations and liabilities, conferred by Chapter 31, Title 33, Code of 1976 and Acts amendatory thereto. Given under Jim Miles' hand (signed) and the Great Seal of the State of South Carolina the 7th day of October, 1997. 


F.U.N.D.S., INC. is recognized as a 501c (3) tax exempt organization by the Internal Revenue Service since Nov. 1998.


MISSION: The mission of F.U.N.D.S., INC.   is  to infiltrate through the community as a non- profit public benefit tax exempt corporation that will amplify educational, promotional and financial activities for other non- profit organizations which will enhance their causes and endeavors. 


To develop and promote a "MOTHER TO SON FOUNDATION" that will dwell solely in the enhancement of the relationship of the mother and son, by enriching the characters and self-esteem of both individuals; developing a closer relationship for the mothers and sons of multi-culture, hence, creating a better society of men.  


To develop and promote an "Ethnic American Diabetes/Hepatitis C/ HIV-AIDS Program" that will enhance the awareness in the community of the devastation of these diseases.


MAJOR EVENT:  ANNUAL STATEWIDE BLACK HISTORY PARADE & FESTIVITIES.  It's mission is to revisit history, tell history and bring history to a live experience.



MEMBERSHIP:   2019-2023  Board Members: Mr. Jason Darby, Dr. Bobby Donaldson, Mr. James L. Felder, Ms. Oveta Glover, Mrs. Carmen Julious, Mrs. Carol Robinson -Lee, Mrs. Venus Sabb, Ms. Edith White


Adhac Committee members 2021-2022: Lional Angevine, Kimberly Easterling, Vivian Counts, Gail Glover, Constance Watson, Terrell Terry, Perry Bradley, Tina Torres, Jamal Bradley, Johnny Green, LeShun White, Columbia Parks and Rec.


Past Adhac Committee Members:  Mr. Jamie Devine, Ms. Debora "Debo" Hayes, Ms. Jean Hopkins, Ms. Yvette Wider, Gail Glover 


Members Emeritus:    Ms. Beverly Brooks, Mr. (Rep)Joe E. Brown (deceased), Mrs. Priscilla Dawson, Dr. B.J. Glover (deceased), Mrs. Pearl Govan,  Mrs. Saran Hunt-Roberts, (deceased), Bishop F.C. James, Mrs. Renee Johnson, Mrs. Jocelyn Jennings Mr. Wayne Sumpter (deceased) Mrs. Brenda Mack-Wright

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